research & Development

Britishvolt’s Research and Development activities will fall in to a number of critical areas in both terms of operations and technical strategy

Manufacturing Processes

We will be implementing and developing with our equipment supply partners the latest advances in mixing, electrode and cell manufacturing techniques focussed in the areas of:

  • High speed high quality manufacturing processes to provide global best in class quality, yield and drive down the cost of manufacture
  • Ensure processing materials have the highest level of utilisation and re-utilisation throughout the manufacturing process to manage processing costs and reduce waste
  • Maximising the advantages of being able to generate our own energy from a Britishvolt owned 200MW solar farm, driving CO2 out of our inhouse process


Collaboration is key, working with technology partners to implement not only current state of the art materials technology but also pushing the boundaries of the art of the possible.

  • Using advanced modelling techniques to facilitate rapid optimisation of cell configuration and design for improvements in performance, tailoring for individual application needs and rapid implementation of new materials technology, shortening development oaths and reducing the time for advancements to be commercialised and available to customers
  • Establishing an advanced fully equipped Applications Centre as a core competency enabling customers to fully understand the benefits of deploying Britishvolt cell and module solutions in advance of commencing engineering work, further reducing customer expenditure and development times
  • Ensuring maximum utilisation of the UKs leading global research and development eco-system collaborating with academia, the Faraday Battery Challenge and the strong UK Chemicals sector that has been at the fore front of global innovation for several hundred years


Britishvolt believe there is a far better way of using existing resources and the need to lower dependence on supply chains that adversely affect the beautiful place humanity and the only place we know where life exists, planet earth.

  • Recyclate material from non battery sources that may cause existing waste and landfill issues will be tapped for generation of refined material that we can use in our manufacturing processes using novel and innovative techniques
  • Heating up and creating ‘black mass’ in conjunction with mixed alloys, commonly understood as the pyro process, is a low yield recycling process that delivers very little value. Separating the individual materials out at sufficient purity is a significant challenge and we will join the race to solve this issue with the establishment of the ‘Infinity Centre’ working with academia and the recycling industry to create a closed loop process to ensure the environmental impact of battery production is kept to an absolute minimum, this will represent an investment in all of our futures no matter how difficult it will be along the way
  • Work towards setting up an effective and low carbon recycling logistics chain to ensure that end of life (EoL) batteries, coming back from second life applications have an efficient and low carbon route back in to the system for the materials to be reclaimed and reused in a convenient and user friendly process

We are not only intending to help everyone save the planet by reducing CO2 emissions but stand by the planet for the long term cleaner future we all deserve

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