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We have identified the United Kingdom as the location of our initial manufacturing, development and R&D capabilities. The United Kingdom will also be the home of our global headquarters. Britishvolt is looking to lead the Lithium ion, and beyond Lithium Ion, battery industry by implementing a sustainable, highly advanced manufacturing and business strategy to deliver on the exacting needs of our customers and assist in the acceleration of sustainable transport and the renewable energy sector.

Why The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has been at the forefront of global investment in high technology development and innovation since the industrial revolution. Our country attracts the highest level of international investment of any country in Europe. The battery research and development activities underway, amongst our rolling hills and green pastures, are at the cutting edge of the sustainable energy and transportation industries. The UK Government has identified the development of current and future generations of battery technology of strategic importance to the UKs manufacturing sector and key to sustaining our valuable domestic automotive industry.

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The United Kingdom has a long history of innovation in advanced energy storage, starting with the invention of the original Lithium Cobalt Oxide battery at Oxford University, an invention that changed the way we live our connected lives and has started to change to way our populations move around, a change that will accelerate and grow as we need to protect the only place in the universe where we know life to exist. Our planet. Our home.


Our manufacturing facility will be one of the largest manufacturing plants in the whole of Europe, set on a 95-hectare site that will also co-locate supply chain partners and green low carbon energy production. Keeping supply chains as short as possible and creating a vertically integrated business structure will ensure that costs are kept as low as possible, logistics chains are short and embedded CO2 emissions are minimised.

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Manufacturing operations will focus on incorporating the latest innovations of process and equipment, to ensure our cost of manufacture drive the economics of the battery industry towards parity with legacy solutions. Ensuring high levels of efficiency and productivity, the highest yields in the industry and the lowest environmental impact of any battery production facility. We will keep waste to a minimum and recover, reclaim and reuse as many of the consumable materials and chemicals, used in our processes, as possible.

The Infinity Centre

We will also build, construct and collaborate with partner organisations, academia and the chemical sector to create our Infinity Centre to enable the recycling of end of life batteries and to use as much recyclate material in our new battery cell production process as possible.

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